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KDNuggests asked its readers the question "What programming/statistics languages you used for an analytics / data mining / data science work in 2014?" and one again, R was the #1 response. (R was also the #1 response in similar polls in 2013, 2012 and 2011.) The top 5 selections of the 719 respondents were: R (352 respondents) SAS (262) Python (252) SQL (220) Java (89) Respondents were able to select multiple languages, which is why the totals add up to more than the number of respondents. In fact, the analysis of data science software used together is quite interesting. Looking at the top 3, there's quite a bit of overlap between users of Python and R, but little crossover amongst SAS users.  R has also ranked highly in a number of other polls and surveys, which you can see in our R popularity tag. For the complete results and further analysis of this KDNuggets pol... (more)

Heritage Provider Network Awards $100,000 To Progress Prize Winners

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Heritage Provider Network awarded checks totaling $100,000 to the two teams leading the $3million Heritage Health Prize competition ( announced at the CrowdConf in San Francisco, California. ( The global competition is now at the 18 month mark. (Logo: Taking the lead after their previous second place finishes at both the 6 and 12 month mark, the team of "Edward and Willem" won the top spot.  Players include Willem Mestrom, an information analyst from the Netherlands and Edward de Grijs, an engineer and software developer also from the Netherlands. The team received a check for $60,000. "It's great working in a team where our individual strengths are combined to achieve the best results," said Edward de Grijs. "This miles... (more)

Elsevier's ExitCare Expands Collaboration with MEDITECH

LAKE ELMO, Minnesota, December 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ExitCare's library of discharge instructions and patient education is available as an integrated solution through the MEDITECH Electronic Health Record (EHR) Elsevier's ExitCare, an enterprise-wide solution for evidence-based patient education and discharge instructions, is now integrated directly with the MEDITECH Electronic Health Record (EHR). In collaboration with MEDITECH, ExitCare's library of content, organized by care setting and composed of both Easy to Read and Standard content, is available in English and Spanish through MEDITECH's EHR, via the Patient Discharge Instruction application.  ExitCare's content is not only designed to offer healthcare providers an optimal user experience and more streamlined clinical workflow, but it is also intended to deliver relevant, condition-specific information to ... (more)

Agio Technology Introduces Agio ESP – Its Revolutionary, Comprehensive Enterprise Service Platform

Agio Technology, the provider of superior managed IT services to the world’s premier hedge funds, today announced the system-wide implementation of Agio ESP, its revolutionary, comprehensive Enterprise Service Platform. Fully automated, Agio ESP ensures Agio engineers can always focus on their clients’ most critical issues and consistently deliver a superior quality end-user experience across all Agio services. Agio ESP represents a major breakthrough, not only for Agio, but also for its hedge fund clients, providing them with levels of insight and transparency into the overall service processes never before possible. The key to the enhanced insight and transparency is the Agio ESP Dashboard, providing clients and Agio engineers with a real-time-view of service processes; they see what we see. With ESP, Agio clients have an “inside” view of the entire ticketing pro... (more)

Using Java Data Mining to Develop Advanced Analytics Applications

With the standardization of the Java Data Mining (JDM) API, Enterprise Java applications have been given predictive technologies. Data mining is a widely accepted technology used for extracting hidden patterns from data. It is used to solve many business problems like identifying cross-sell or up-sell opportunities for specific customers based on customer profiles and purchase patterns, predicting which customers are likely to churn, creating effective product campaigns, detecting fraud, and finding natural segments. More and more data mining algorithms are being embedded in databases. Advanced analytics, like data mining, is now widely integrated with applications. The objective of this article is to introduce Java developers to data mining and explain how the JDM standard can be used to integrate this technology with enterprise applications. Data Mining Functions... (more)

JCP Approves Oracle-Led Data Mining Specification, JSR-73

"JSR 73 is an important step in enabling production data mining," said Oracle's VP Jacek Myczkowski yesterday. Myczkowski, who is Oracle's vice president of Data Mining Technologies and Life Sciences, was speaking on the occasion of the unanimous approval, by the Executive Committee of the Java Community Process, of Java Specification Request (JSR) 73, the industry's first Java Data Mining specification designed specifically to incorporate data mining into any application that requires advanced analytics. "Widespread adoption of Java Data Mining will bring data mining to the masses because developers can learn one API and embed analytics in any application, regardless of vendor," Myczkowski added. In addition to enabling developers to reduce the time and cost of development, the new Java API and Web services standard allows developers to leverage other data mining st... (more), Twitter, Security & You

..or, what I did on my twitter vacation the other day.  This brief break from 26 Short Topics about Security is brought to you by, twitter, security and You.  I’ve been using for a little while both to shorten links and be able to track clicks placed on twitter (and other social sites) – as many of you do.  When the twitter outage hit last week, and many folks found themselves ‘lost’ without it, I decided to review my stats on the links I’ve sent and found something interesting; or frightening.  :-)  (Incidentally, there was a another DDoS attack yesterday that took twitter down for about 20 minutes) To set this up: as you might know, I cover Security within the Technical Marketing Team (Lori, Alan & Ken round out the TMM group – and we’re all interested in Security) at F5 and usually find 1 or 2 interesting ‘security’ stories that I actually t... (more)

Lori MacVittie Interview at Cloud Connect

I got a chance to sit down with another member of the Technical Marketing Team at F5, Lori MacVittie at the Cloud Connect conference in Santa Clara this week.  We chat about Web 2.0, Infrastructure 2.0, dynamic networks, cloud interoperability standards, what 3.0 looks like and a few other things.  Thanks Lori! ... (more)

SAP and Big Data

SAP customers are confused about the positioning between SAP Sybase IQ and SAP Hana as it applies to data warehousing. Go figure, so is SAP. You want to learn about their data warehousing offering, and all you hear is “Hana this” and “Hana that”. It reminds me of the time after I left Teradata when the BI appliances came on the scene. First Netezza, then Greenplum, then Vertica and Aster Data, then ParAccel. Everyone was confused about what the BI appliance was in relation to the EDW. Do I need an EDW, a BI appliance, an EDW + BI appliance? With SAP, Sybase IQ is supposed to be the data warehouse and Hana is the BI or analytic appliance that sits off to its side. Okay. SAP has a few customers on Sybase IQ, but are they the larger well-known brands? Let's face it….since its acquisition of Sybase in 2010, SAP has struggled with positioning it against incumbents like ... (more)

It's All Fun and Games (and Data Mining) at JAMDAT Mobile

Anticipation is a key factor in figuring out what will happen in the wireless industry over the next couple of years. As entertainment migrates to the handset, it's predicted that revenues from games on mobile phones will reach $6 billion by 2005. How? Many questions remain, but there are some strong players joining in to find the answers. Do you remember Carnac the Magnificent? One of the most enduring segments of the pre-Leno Tonight Show was arguably host Johnny Carson's portrayal of the mystical Carnac. His turban and cloak-wearing character could divine the answers to yet-to-be-asked questions that were "hermetically sealed" in envelopes, and presented to him by sidekick Ed McMahon. These "answers" ended up being little more than seemingly unrelated words, statements, or names. To great comedic effect in many cases, Carson's Carnac character would tear open ea... (more)

Big Data in Telecom: The Need for Analytics

Networks have become a strategic asset, the life blood of organizations. Once considered a "techy thing," networks are now mission-critical for every member of the organization - from the IT manager to the marketing VP to the CEO. An increasing number of companies now recognize the impact network quality has on the customer experience and, in turn, on the bottom line. Providing a great customer experience, every time, is vital for limiting churn and building loyalty. This has led many organizations to adopt a strong quality assurance program to test and monitor all contact center services. This is particularly important in environments that must support multi-channel and multi-service applications. The complex configurations needed to enable voice, video and data to share network resources puts a tremendous strain on bandwidth and creates problems that can be very ... (more)